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the cow jumped over the hill

but a silver nutmeg and a golden pear
I'm a university student in the UK, aiming to be a stressed and (hopefully not) underpaid medical researcher. I've wanted to be a writer since my primary school English teacher told me I could. If I ever get published, she will be my first dedication. I study Biochemistry though, because my second love is science and it happens to be the one I'm really good at. I bake when I'm stressed, a fact that my friends use to their advantage, and make bread when I'm really stressed. I write original fiction, think about writing fan-fiction and do a lot of Sudoku and Kakuro. I also suffer from anxiety and depression, which is why I have this journal. As such, the content is probably triggering if you have similar issues, because if I'm suicidal I will talk about that. It's also friendslocked to stop my family or real-life friends from finding it, but feel free to friend me - I'm happy to let anyone else read it!

I live at university or at home with my family, one dog, three cats and the horses we look after for the charity my Dad runs. University is a lot quieter.